Here you can approach the book of abstracts from the symposium.

What is it?

A forum for PhD students and postdocs whose projects are of a computational nature to give a talk on their project, learn from each other, and get to know one another. The projects may fall under the term "eScience", meaning "cross-disciplinary computational science". The seminar is a repeat of a seminar held on Dec. 3, 2012 (cs.hi.is/reidoc12), but this time the symposium is a joint venture between the University of Uppsala and the University of Iceland. It is expected that the projects will come from a variety of disciplines, including statistics, engineering, biology, chemistry and physics. The projects need not necessarily involve extensive computer programming, and the computational devices could range from laptops to computer clusters. The mini-symposium is jointly organized by the Faculty of industrial and mechanical engineering and computer science and the Faculty of science at the University of Iceland and the Department of information technology at Uppsala University.

Who can present and how?

PhD students and postdocs at the University of Iceland and Uppsala University whose projects are of a computational nature can give a 15–20 minute slide (or whiteboard) presentation, followed by 5–10 minutes of discussion.

Who can attend?


Why should you present?

There are many aspects of computational projects that are common across different disciplines, and such a multidisciplinary meeting gives the participants an opportunity to get new ideas and see their own projects in a new light. Practice in giving presentations is always important, and it can sometimes be a first step towards a publication.


Those who want to present as well as those who only wish to listen should register by selecting the Registration tab above. The symposium programme will be available via the Programme tab when available